Blog Entry #2: Sinulog! Syagit ug kusog

Fiestas are a part of the Filipino culture and tradition. It is a religious festivity in honor of the patron saints of the neighbourhood. Different activities are held to bring entertainment to the community people and its visitors.
The religion of the inhabitants of Brgy. La Concepcion is mainly Roman Catholic, which comprises the 97% of its populace. Needless to say, the community definitely celebrates fiestas. Two of its puroks namely Purok 6 (Damusag) and Purok 2 (Upper Palid) are celebrating the feast of Sto. Niño every January.

The ADZU SOM students assigned in Brgy. La Concepcion were invited to the Sinulog Celebration at Damusag on January 5, 2019. The Sinulog Parade started at 8 o’clock in the morning. Church clusters from other puroks participated in the parade and showdown. Everyone danced with all their might to the beat of the Sinulog music. With the convivial nature of the community, the community people gave the medical students a chance to dance. It was then that the medical students were first introduced to the community. After the parade and dance showdown, a mass was held. It was then followed by lunch in which the whole community dine together.

Moreover, the medical students were also invited to Upper Palid’s Fiesta last January 12. They were requested to render a dance number, and three of them were invited to judge the Dance Competition and the Ms. Teen Upper Palid 2019, which was the highlight of the night’s events.

The festivities truly show the unity and the devotion of the community people to their patron saint, Sr. Sto Niño and it is a privilege that the ADZU SOM students were able to take part in these gatherings and know the community better.

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